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Give thanks for Good Thanks

Give thanks for Good Thanks

Aussie cafes are clearly having a moment in New York, and you may be sick of hearing about them by now - after all, how many different ways are there to instagram avocado toast? But, you’re going to have to stomach one more, because Good Thanks opened in LES and it’s my latest Australian obsession.

In case you’re curious why there’s been a sudden influx of beautiful people serving you farm fresh eggs & oat milk lattes, you have a 2005 trade agreement to thank. The agreement crafted a flexible work visa specifically for our Aussie mates, making it significantly easier for them to travel to the US. Lucky for us - they brought their entrepreneurial spirit and beautiful, (relatively) health-conscious meals with them.

Good Thanks is a narrow space in LES with bright lamps and clusters of wooden tables It’s frankly a tad cramped, but it’s the lower east side, so compromises must be made because the food here is really good. And not just in a - “I feel healthy eating it” kind of way, but genuinely, pretty bloody tasty.

To start, order the banana bread. It might seem blasé amidst the ever-growing New York dessert scene - but banana bread will always be a personal favorite of mine. Theirs comes with a burnt honey butter that is entirely next level. The bread is light & moist, while the butter brings a nutty richness to the whole affair.

For food, try the kimchi scrambled eggs and the green fritters. The eggs are a fluffy soft-scramble, and the scallion labne & kimchi provide the perfect tangy offset. Meanwhile, the fritters are the ideal healthy-but-delicious breakfast entree. The crispy green patties & the avocado salsa verde are a delectable and addicting combo.

The tuna bowl features fresh tuna crudo sprinkled amidst a diverse bed of greenery. It’s really tasty - but be warned, there’s not a whole lot of tuna for you to dig out of this mountain of veggies.

Finally, the blue bowl is probably what you’ve seen floating around on instagram. Algae gives the smoothie bowl its unique bright blue color, but don’t worry - it doesn’t retain any of its seaweed-like smells or flavors.

And I’m happy to report, it has looks & substance. There’s even some collagen mixed in - beauty from the inside out (or whatever they say). Even my reluctant boyfriend enjoyed it. Also, if you’re anything like me - it’ll be a bright, refreshing dish to round out the 4 other things you ordered.

Moral of the story here: before you decide you’re over the new Aussie cafe trend - give this place a try. I think you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Happy brunch-ing friends.


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