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Sushi at every price point

Sushi at every price point

Sushi is one of my favorite foods, and if I could treat myself to omakase-level sushi every weekend that would be incredible. But the reality is - I can't forego paying for rent to pay for sushi (although donations to kickstart my luxury sushi habit are welcome). 

But I'd also prefer not to roll the dice with anything that might give me food poisoning. And I hope you aren't either. So if you're hunting for good sushi spots, I'm sharing three of my favorites at three different price points. 


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Maguro is some of the best take-out sushi I've had in the city. It's surprisingly fresh and really reasonably priced, in my opinion. I think the best bang for your buck is to just order the $50 plate (pictured above) which is enough food to serve as a hefty meal for at least 2.5 people. This is one of my go-tos for cozy movie-nights in. 

Jewel Bako

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Jewel Bako is a Michelin-star sushi stud in the East Village. They have a pricier omakase option, but it's also totally possible to eat an excellent (and potentially excessive) meal here without forking over all your cash. If you're going with with a friend, my go-to order is to split their sushi & sashimi entrees ($38 each) and I guarantee you'll have plenty of sushi to go around.  


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If you missed my blog post on Mayanoki - you can take a peek here. It's currently the only sustainable sushi in the city and is honestly one of my favorite dining adventures in New York. For $95 you get a 15-piece omakase set & you can opt in separately for a wine pairing. For me, the experience was well-worth the money. The food is incredible, the space is intimate and Chef Jeffrey will be able to regale you with more fish facts than you'll know what to do with. 

A healthy dose of overeating

A healthy dose of overeating

Wining & dining at Denizen

Wining & dining at Denizen