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The Getaway: Quebec City

The Getaway: Quebec City

We recently made a weekend trip to Quebec City, so I thought I would round-up some of my must-do & must eat spots. I'll preface this post by saying that QC is really more of a town, and while it's adorable, you don't need more than a weekend to explore most of what the city has to offer.


The city is small, but quaint and boasts all the charm of an old European city. Make sure to pop by the Citadelle and the QC's very own Cathedral-Basilica of Notre Dame. The citadelle is pretty vast, so plan for half a day to explore the premises. 

I'd also recommend a trip to the musée de la civilisation. I'm generally not a huge museum person, but this one has an interesting and eclectic collection of all things related to the history of Quebec - you could definitely kill a couple of hours in here. 

Last but not least, spend some time wandering the streets of Old Quebec and Petit Champlain and pretend like you're the type of person that summers in France.   

To eat: 

The best part of going to Quebec? The french food. You best believe we ate a lot of it. For breakfast, make your way to Lapin Sauté or Le Hobbit Bistro.

Per the name, Lapin Sauté specializes in all things rabbit. I recommend ordering their Quebec discoveries platter so you can sample a little bit of everything, but particularly their house-made rabbit rillettes. 

'Hobbit Bistro' sounds a bit kitschy, but trust me - the food here is really good. Make sure you order the duck confit potato waffle, and maybe one of their homemade waffles with blueberry puree so you can knock out sweet & savory all at once.     

For lunch check out the specials at Chez Jules (order the beef cheek if they have it) or anything & everything at La Fromagerie des Grondines, which is the adorable, French-Canadian version of Beecher's here in New York - their signature grilled cheese & poutine are everything you want in comfort food.  

...and if you need a coffee break after, pop by Nektar caféologue afterwards for a coffee...and maybe a donut (try the pear & rosemary filling). 

For dinner, head to Chez Victor if you're looking for a low-key evening. It's a pretty simple burger & poutine joint generally filled with locals, and for good reason. The food here isn't particularly fancy, but it's incredibly tasty.

If you want to have a slightly more up-scale evening try Le Continental - it's a gorgeous, restaurant with an old-school, renaissance feel. They specialize in flambé-style dishes, and their orange suckling duck is extraordinary. 

To drink: 

We made the mistake of going to Canada in late April (hint: Canada doesn't start to warm-up for another month) and the weather was...somewhat abysmal. What this really means, is that we had a ton of excuses to find great places to eat & drink inside. 

Bar Artefact is a great cocktail bar to cozy up in - the drinks are excellent, the snacks are tasty and they have a fire place so I was pretty much sold as soon as we walk in. They also have a great selection of local beers from La Souche (a QC brewery) and wines. 

Speaking of local beers, there are quite a few breweries in the city - La Souche is a great one and La Korrigane is another fun spot to go with friends.

There are also a number of bars which turn into live music venues in the evening - Bar St. Angele is a great jazz bar where you can curl up with a cocktail for a cozy evening of soulful music. 

Final tip: go to QC In the summer-time. It's an adorable city, but only if you can actually go outside. 


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