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Llama, llama, llama

Llama, llama, llama

Llama Inn is a Peruvian tapas restaurant situated on a Williamsburg corner, which has been on my must-eat list for quite a while. But I never seemed to be able to find an appropriate occasion to go. Last week I finally decided that Saturday was a sufficiently good occasion. To summarize the rest of this post: it was a great idea.  

This place is a tad on the expensive side (as many good tapas restaurants tend to be), but without a doubt, worth every penny. 

The space itself is adorable - open and airy with high ceilings. Glass windows surround the complex while colorful paper mâché lanterns hang above the circular bar which takes up the center of the restaurant. Come by on a Friday night after work and unwind with one of their fantastic cocktails. 

I would recommend the atlas shrugged or the el chapo. The former is reminiscent of a light & slightly herbal mojito, while the latter comes with a boozier base. 

All the food is designed to be shared and most of the plates are relatively small. To start, try out the fluke ceviche. It's served in a milky broth with slice up plantains, which bright the perfect touch of sweetness to the dish. 

The scallops are equally delectable - they're sliced up into small chunks & served on a skewer. Each morsel is excellently seasoned and perfectly cooked to be melt-on-the-tongue tender. 

For entrees, the pork shoulder and the clams are both excellent choices, but tend to be on the smaller side. The clams are seasoned with turmeric, carrots & mint and come served with a crispy charred bread that you'll be using to lick up every last bite of the broth. 

But the real star of the show is the bronzino, this is a hefty serving of food and by far my favorite dish of the evening. Patarascha is a word borrowed from the Quechuan people of the Andes, and is a classic dish in Peruvian cuisine. The bronzino is wrapped in leaves and cooked whole on hot coals, imbuing it with a slightly smoky but intensely rich flavor. The fish meat is delicate and perfectly seasoned and the spicy coconut curry it's served with is the perfect counterpart.    

The chefs at Llama Inn have cooked up some truly incredible dishes which pay homage to a diverse array of South American spices.

I'll definitely be making a trip back here sometime in the near future to try out everything I missed on the menu. 


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